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In this section, we have to gather as many insights and perspectives as we could possibly have. To get closer and deeper. To know better and further.However, if you wish to keep some information stay confidential it's an absolute fine decision. Or, you wa

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Now, let's talk about Branding that you need.We have 3 main services to expand your brand possibilities, you can select more than one, and you can ask us in further talks indeed.

After we onboard, as your partner, we develop various integrated voyages to provide your needs, divided phases of your stage. From kick-start, growth, expansion, etc.
Each stage requires different outcomes and objectives. We help you strategize it.
Brand Discovery.

In this voyage, we’ll discover insights from your market and industry your exploring in, 
Dig deeper your purpose and values,
Visualize your Identity to represent the whole you.

Expanding your Brand possibilities through Humanize Brand Model we have.

Which of the following Brand Discovery services you need? *

You can chat or call us while choosing these to +6287823418884 (Wenda), in case you don't really understand the touchpoints.

Humanize Brand Concept is our Branding Model which covered;
a. Market Insights Analytics
b. Brand Purpose
c. Brand Drives (Values & Attributes)
d. Brand Communication
e. Brand Experience
f. Brand Culture
g. Brand Story
h. Brand Functionality

Visual IDentity Design focus on;
a. Brand Attributes
b. Brandmark (Logo)
c. Color Schemes
d. Typeface
e. Key Visual Exploration (Supergraphic)

Brand Crafts.

In this exploration, we’ll create your Brand Experience, 
Craft experiential digital platform, store, packaging, video and any Branding touchpoints to show your values.

Expanding your Brand possibilities through design craftsmanship.

Which of the following Brand Craft services you need?

You can chat or call us while choosing these to +6287823418884 (Wenda), in case you don't really understand the touchpoints.

Brand Delivery.

In this journey, we’ll deliver your values to your customer.
Strategize Communication and Campaign plan to reach targeted market,
Create contents to engage,
and Analyze the digital campaign into reports.

Expanding your Brand possibilities through lovable campaign.

Which of the following Brand Delivery services you need?

You can chat or call us while choosing these to +6287823418884 (Wenda), in case you don't really understand the touchpoints.

{{answer_gHDF}}, how much do you plan to spend for {{answer_aBbP}} Branding development? *

Don't worry, we have 3 partnership system to ease you.
1.  Short-term Contract; 50% Down Payment, 30% 2nd Payment, 20% Final Payment.
2.  Semi-retain Contract; Grand total of touchpoints selected will divided into flat monthly payments for 6 to 12 months.
3. Retain Contract; Ex, For 1 year you'll have 20 Branding Touchpoints produced monthly with Strategic and Dedicated team for you.

To sharpen the objective of our Branding Journey, which one is your highest expectation from this partnership? *

Please choose the most important expectation, so we can clearly have an understanding :)

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When is the project needs to be done? *

{{answer_gHDF}}, Is there any rules or restrictions in this project?

What is the goal and expected outcome do you desire from our partnership? *

It can define how the process will be done, either you just need a new and cool visualization or an innovation in how the Brand works and systemized.
Do you have extra information, comments or requests you would like us to consider? *

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